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Workshop ScheduleThroughout The Year:
Natural Plasters:
Learn the art of creating our own natural plasters. Natural plasters transform cold impersonal walls to walls with warmth and beauty that have textures and tones that deepen and resonate with light changes through out the day. Natural plasters are durable, mold resistant and easy to work with. You will learn some basic recipes for natural plaster and how to change those recipes for different conditions. The following Natural Plaster workshops are held throughout the year. Call 860-605-7784 or email Chris for times and more details. (Any one or all of these series can be hosted by you at your site.)

Earth Plasters:
in this course you will learn how to create earthen and clay plasters, from natural nontoxic materials. Learn how to harvest soils and clays from you site or region and turn them into beautiful plaster for your walls.

Lime Plasters:
In this course you will learn how to slake lime to create lime putty used to create beautiful lime based plasters. You will learn some basic recipes for lime plasters and some basic techniques for applications.

Natural Paints:
Learn how to create your own paints and finishes from natural materials like clay, milk and lime. The recipes learned in this class can be created in your own kitchen. You can make paint that has no VOC's is non-toxic and durable. Natural paints are easy to use durable and beautiful. This workshop is fun for the whole family.

Cob Building Workshop
Learn the basic techniques for building beautiful earthen structures out of cob. Cob is a mixture of soil, clay, sand and straw mixed into a mud used to sculpt beautiful monolithic structure cob has been used in Europe for thousand of year to create beautiful English cottages. learn the basic skills needed to create your own cob cottage or garden wall in this 4 day course

Carpentry For Women
This course offers basic carpentry skills for women.  Participants will learn about the structure of a house and how it is built. Topics include basic framing, exterior finishes and window and door insulation. We will work on a structure that has most or all of the above components.  Practice with hand and power tools will help participants to use these tools safely and confidently. 

Basic Carpentry This course is an opportunity for any one to learn basic carpentry skills we will work on a small structure teaching you basic framing, window and door installation and tool safety

Strawbuilder offers a variety of workshops and classes for all ages. You and your family can learn how to sculpt structures out of natural materials. We offer workshops in the basics of cob, strawbale and other types of alternative construction. Learn to build an earthen bread oven or a garden bench or get your hands dirty creating natural plasters and paints. Natural building workshops create community and a source of empowerment among their participants.

If you would like to participate in a workshop please contact Chris Alvey Or customize your own workshop with any group of three or more on your site or ours. Due to popularity, please call today!